As an Elevate Connections partner, you assist in providing services and resources to our neighbors in our community. When you refer our neighbors in need to Elevate Connections, you empower them with access to the resources and next steps they need for sustained transformation. Your financial partnership of $100 or more monthly will help Elevate Branson provide the following:

  • Curated access to over 150 agencies that provide a variety of services and support.
  • Weekly transportation to doctors, pharmacies, the DMV, and mental health resource centers.
  • Assistance with securing new or replacement identification documents necessary for housing or employment applications.
  • Enrollment in our on-site career development services.
  • Assistance with Medicare, Medicaid, disability, SNAP, and social security enrollment.
  • Other wraparound services such as WIC, supervised visits for familial reunification, and more.
At Elevate Branson, we believe that handouts don’t provide lasting solutions for people experiencing poverty. While we offer a multitude of support services as listed above, we always reinforce that employment is the only sustainable way out of poverty. Through the Elevate Rewards Program, our neighbors can volunteer for work on the Elevate Branson campus earning points to use for food, thrift store or identification document expenses. In this way, they meet their needs while maintaining a sense of dignity and self-worth. Thank you for considering partnering with us. Together, we can help empower our neighbors to reach their full potential.