Join as an Elevate Work Business Partner to empower our neighbors in finding meaningful, dignified employment opportunities, all while reducing your turn-over rates, investing in your employees, and increasing workplace performance.

For $199 a month, receive:

One Employee Analysis Per Year
Tailored to your business to provide valuable feedback, areas for improvement, and opportunities to increase retention.

Access to Financial Literacy and Computer Courses
Provides resources for your employees in understanding financial stewardship. Computer Courses are offered in Microsoft Word, Excel, and basic computer functions.

All Employees Receive 30% off at Neighbors Hub, Elevate Coffee, and Elevate Thrift Store
Discounted lunch, coffee, and thrift store items for your employees to enjoy at the Elevate Branson campus.

Premier Access to Our Affordable Transportation Initiative for Your Employees
Preliminary access to a select amount of scooters for your employees at their earliest availability.

Free Enrollment in Elevate Work Courses
Business partner employees will have their Elevate Work course registration fee waived, providing nine weeks of workforce development courses for free, with dinner, transportation, and childcare included.

Free Enrollment in Elevate Entrepreneurs
Provides your employees with access to the resources and tools needed to increase their financial margin through entrepreneurship.

Computer Course

2022 Dates


Fall Course:  September 19, September 21, September 26, September 28, October 3, October 5



Fall Course:  October 10, October 12, October 17, October 19, October 24,  October 26



Fall Course: October 31, November 2, November 7, November 9, November 14, November 16

Financial Literacy Course

2022 Dates

Fall Course: October 3, October 5, October 10, October 12, October 17, October 19, October 24, October 26

Elevate Work Course

2022 Start Dates

January 10 • February 7 • March 14 • April 11 • September 12

Elevate Entrepreneurs Course

2022 Start Dates

October 13 • November 3