Donate Now To Earn A 70% Dollar-For-Dollar Reduction
On Your State Income Tax

By donating to Elevate Branson, you directly help place individuals into employment opportunities in our community – allowing for our neighbors to increase their quality of life and allowing local employers to gain access to reliable employees. Not only are you supporting our local community, you earn a tax break of 70% on your business owed Missouri state income tax.

Funding through the Neighborhood Assistance Program contributes to:

A transportation program which provides access to affordable transportation for individuals in our community.

A program which provides comprehensive education and resources to individuals looking to pursue a side-business in order to increase their financial margin.

A workforce development program that equips individuals with the soft-skills needed to find and keep meaningful employment.

How It Works

Business owes $10,000 in Missouri Income Tax
Donate directly to Elevate Branson and receive –
A 70% Missouri Income Tax Credit Certificate ($7,000)
Take the 30% ($3,000) as a deduction on the Federal Income Tax Return.

Eligible Contributors

Business Eligibility Tax Liability Type Schedule Filed
Corporate, Franchise Tax
MO Form 1120
Farm Operation
Individual Income Tax
Federal Form 1040, Schedule F, MO Form 1040
Financial Institution*
Financial Institution Tax
MO Financial Tax Return
Individual partner in a Partnership or shareholder in an S-Corp
Individual Income Tax
Federal Form 1040, MO Form 1040
Individual reporting income from rental property or royalties
Individual Income Tax
Federal Form 1040, Schedule E, MO 1040
Insurance Company
Gross Premium Receipts Tax
MO Insurance Tax Return
Limited Liability Corporation or Partnership
Individual Members Income, Franchise Tax, Fiduciary Tax
MO Form 1120, 1120S or 1065
Individual Partners' Income Tax
MO Form 1065
Sole Proprietorship
Individual Income Tax
Federal Form 1040, Schedule C and MO Form 1040
Small Business Corporation (S-Corp)
Individual Shareholders' Income Tax, Franchise Tax
MO Form 1120S
Charitable Organizations**
Income Tax

*Includes Banks, Credit Inst., Savings & Loan Assoc., Credit Unions, Farmer’s Cooperative Credit Assoc., or Building & Loan Assoc.

**Donor must attach a signed, notarized affidavit proving they have other business income to create a Missouri state tax liability

Contact us to learn more about how to donate and earn NAP tax credits today.

For more information on NAP Tax Credits, contact Bryan Stallings at 417.294.1300 or [email protected].

This project has been supported by the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program.