Meet Our Neighbor, Carl

Carl recently wrote a letter to staff here at Elevate, and very eloquently detailed just how much Elevate Branson has encouraged him through the years of his involvement here in our programming. We’ll let Carl speak for himself in sharing the testimony of his introduction to Elevate Branson:

“To Elevate”

Do you remember that feeling you felt when you took an elevator ride to the top floor of a building? With its fast ride, the “giddy” feeling in your belly, sometimes it made you smile or even laugh, what a ride right? The feeling you got when you were lifted from the bottom upwards to the top? Depending on the shape of that person, it could be a near impossible climb for that person on their own! You thank the elevator for the lift up!!


Websters dictionary defines “elevate” as “to lift up”!! The word elevate has a wide range of usage, the one I found to be the most uplifting is when elevate was used to “lift up” another person!


Many of us have fallen on hard times for one reason or another, and regardless of their background in their work history or even having a high education level. I became one of these individuals who has fallen on hard times. At 65 years old made it even worse, compounded with my poor health and now living in a motel!


My first week staying at this motel, it was on a Thursday evening at approximately 6:30 P.M., I was summoned to my door by some people knocking and yelling. Not “trick or treat” but “Elevate Branson”. At that time, I was unfamiliar with them. They greeted me at my door with smiles asking me if I would like to have a sack lunch, I gratefully accepted!


Afer a brief conversation before leaving, they asked me if I wanted a prayer for anything. I was overhwelmed by their love, kindness, generosity, and compassion they had shown me. When Elevate Branson left, I had a warm feeling in my heart from the joy they brought to me that evening! Knowing somebody cares like they did and to reach out to me in my current situation having to live in this material!


Remember that funny feeling I mentioned earlier when riding an elevator to the top? When the volunteers from Elevate Branson left, I felt as if I just got an elevator ride, I had indeed been “lifted up”!!


The members from Elevate Branson go to many motels offering their time, love, and kindness, lifting the spirits up to many staying in these motels without ever really knowing how much they are truly appreciated!


“God Bless Elevate Branson”


Lifting someone up can and does change lives!!

(James 4:10)


“Humble yourselves before the lord and he will lift you up!”

Written by Carl Nunnery