It’s not easy being a kid these days, especially as part of a family experiencing unemployment or homelessness. Branson has more than 2,000 working poor with 400+ children living in substandard, weekly-stay motel rooms. Our community’s kids deserve better.


To meet the needs of children in or on the edge of poverty, ELEVATE KIDS includes a variety of programs and services that make sure youngsters get a healthy meal and other necessities for their mind, body and spirit. We put smiles on their young faces and hope in their fragile hearts.


ELEVATE BRANSON campus is home to one of the only sensory rooms available to the public in this area. For children on the Autism spectrum and any child who needs a special place to decompress, relax and learn more effectively, this room works like magic and is available to anyone in the community. For more information, CLICK HERE or contact Cathy Brown at 417.737.1041.


Time in nature can be a powerful antidote to the impact that trauma and stress have in children’s lives. When family service providers incorporate nature into their therapeutic work, children and families experience a wide range of benefits, including improved mental and physical health, stronger relationships, better communication, reduced stress, and healing from trauma.


Theo is our adorable rescue dog and is certified as our official on-site therapy dog. He is a pro at making kids smile and helping adults relax – two very important skills we’re using to the fullest. Come by and meet Theo anytime – especially if you need a little stress break.


Our afterschool and summer programs support reading, science and writing education, and have been proven to improve behavior. They help parents not worry about their kids during those late afternoon hours and make summers more fun and productive for at risk children. Enrichment activities like simple field trips, games, and activities help engage and encourage the kids in our care.

After School programming focuses on homework completion, games, playing on the all-natural playground, time in the sensory room, and art.

Summer School focuses on reading, phonics, math, time in the sensory room, art, daily living skills, and time outside on the all-natural playground. Elevate Kids is proud to partner with Branson Schools.


While a parent is enrolled in Elevate Work, their children learn the same bible lesson and related discussion topic mom or dad is studying nearby that evening. After nine weeks, the kids graduate and receive diplomas along with their parents. For more information on Elevate Work classes, CLICK HERE.


During summer vacation and holiday breaks, kids don’t always get the care, nutrition, and positive social interaction our schools provide. With fantastic help from local business partners, Branson youngsters living in motel rooms, get a little extra help when school is out of session. Area companies and organizations partner with us to make this program possible, at no cost to them. For more information about giving the kids in our community a boost, contact Cathy Brown at [email protected].


When families are experiencing homelessness, unemployment or financial instability, kids are hurting too. These programs help area youngsters have what they need for their body, mind and spirit.

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