We can’t do this without you! Choose from the dropdown menu for ways to support our community and empower our neighbors to reach their full potential!


Individuals, families, and organizations who want to support all that we do to improve our community can make a one-time or recurring gift that empowers our neighbors to reach their full potential.

Up with Kids!

When families are experiencing homelessness, unemployment or financial instability, kids are hurting too. This program helps area youngsters have what they need for their body, mind and spirit.


Become a member of the Elevate Branson Advance Team to receive exclusive membership benefits, all while directly contributing to providing our neighbors with the tools they need to lift themselves up and out of poverty, such as workforce development training, nutritional meals, connections to other area resources, and more, to help them reach their full potential.


Steady and satisfying employment is the most consistent and long-lasting path out of poverty. This workforce development program engages employees and employers to improve results for both.

Class Sponsor:  Supports classroom learning, mentoring, and hands-on workplace experiences.

Kids Class Sponsor: Parents in the class can bring their children to learn and be cared for too.

Student Sponsor: Make this program possible and keep costs affordable for participants.


Affordable housing is essential to change lives for the better. This tiny house development provides both stability and support services to help our neighbors lift themselves up and out of poverty.

Tiny House: Sponsors help design and name each unique home in this community.

Furniture: Help make a house a home with warm and welcoming interior furnishings.

Landscape: Outdoor spaces create atmosphere for the residents of every tiny home.

Home Essentials: Each tiny home comes equipped with the necessities for daily living.

Tiny Home Matching Grant: An anonymous donor will match up to $35,000 in donations for a tiny home.


Our activity and visibility can help build awareness and goodwill for your business or organization too. Become known as a force for good by joining with us as we elevate our community. Our outreach vehicles can carry your brand throughout the community!


Increase the impact of your donation with matching gifts periodically available from various organizations and individuals who support our work. It’s great to stretch your dollars for good.

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