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Imagine a village of 48 individual homes that provide clean, safe, stable, and affordable housing in Branson.

This community is an efficient and attractive housing solution with a philosophy of work. Multiple microbusinesses, job training opportunities, and mentorship relationships provide a productive and dignified living environment, as well as relationships with co-workers, friends and neighbors. A real community is more than housing, it’s a place to call home.

Imagine no more sub-standard, inadequate motel room living in our area, replaced by a fresh, safe and positive sense of community. Secure housing meets an essential and fundamental need, reduces motel living and homelessness, lifts individuals and elevates our whole community.

Be among the first to support this vision of hope for our neighbors who struggle in, or on the edge of poverty.

Help us Elevate Branson with this proven solution to a growing problem in our area. We can rise to the challenge of adequate and affordable housing and improve the quality of life for our neighbors, the hourly employees, and front-line workforce who support the Branson economy.

Your support is essential to make this vision a reality.


Tiny Home Sponsorships Include:

Your sponsorship of a tiny home is the foundation of this community and the vision of clean, safe, stable and affordable housing for Branson where no one needs to live in a motel room ever again.

  • Your company name or logo on the front porch railing of the house
  • Your company name or logo listed on the website and in related media materials.
  • A name you select for the home on a plaque near the front door
  • Select from the available sites for the location of your sponsored home.

Tiny Home Sponsor Involvement:

When you, your family, business, or organization sponsors a home, you can choose to become involved in the design, construction, upkeep, and ongoing resident support system.

  • Select exterior and roof colors for your sponsored home.
  • Select the interior finishes, floor, and cabinet colors for your sponsored home.
  • Enhance the home’s yard and landscaping design.
  • Provide an ongoing care and support team for the home’s occupant(s).

Tiny Home Sponsorship – $35,000

Tiny Home Add-On Sponsors:

Furniture Package Sponsorship – $5,000

Each home comes complete with kitchen appliances, upholstered family room chairs, table, and lamp, a small kitchen dining table with chairs, bed, window coverings, and wall decor.

Landscape Sponsorship – $5,000

A little green space around each home gives the whole street a fresh and peacefull feeling. Each tiny home yard will have grass, mulch, and an easy-care tree or shrub to compliment the neighborhood.

Home Essentials Sponsorship – $1,000

Basic supplies to outfit the kitchen, bed linens, bath towels, shower curtain, and other essential items make each tiny home a fully functioning living space.


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Community Naming Opportunity
Microbusiness Sponsorship
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shop
Vehicle Shop Equipment
Woodworking Studio Building
Woodworking Studio Equipment
Community Park and Amphitheater
Amphitheater Audio/Visual/Lighting
Welcome Center/Office Sponsor
Community Store Sponsor
Community Garden Sponsor
Name-A-Street Sponsors (7)
Tiny Home Sponsors (48)
Furniture Package
Landscaping Package
Home Essentials
Community Lighting/Signage/Landscaping (10)
Parking Lot Sponsor (3)
Grilling Pavilions (4)
Picnic Tables, Benches, and Outdoor Fixtures (10)
Elevate Community Site Plan


Tiny homes have proven to be an efficient way to create safe, independent, and sustainable housing for low income individuals and couples, as well as those struggling on the brink of homelessness. Tiny houses have become a benchmark for these kinds of developments nationwide that provide simple, affordable and dignified living spaces in a community of mutual care and support.

Our tiny homes are prefabricated, permanent, 400-square-foot homes complete with an open kitchen, dining and living area, small bedroom, one bath and a front porch. The homes come fully furnished with a bed, kitchen table and chairs, upholstered family room furniture, table and lamp as well as kitchen appliances, heating and air conditioning. The first units will include a compact washer and dryer, until a community laundry facility is available on site.

Because of the Community’s adjacent location to the Elevate Branson campus, all the connections and supportive services of the organization are within an easy walk for residents. These include telemedicine, mental health assessments, counseling services and more. On site laundry facilities, a community garden, small store and chapel are planned. Auto repair and woodworking shops will provide micro-business job training and employment opportunities as well.

Much of the timing is based on available funding, both from sponsors and from local, state and federal grant monies. Our hope is to break ground on the development by April 2021. We will complete much of the infrastructure by September and place the first tiny homes on sites in October. Phase 1 should be completed in 2021 and Phase 2 in 2022.

An application process allows low income residents who have been located in Taney County for at least 12 months to relocate to Elevate Community. Residents must be 18 years or older and provide identification and income documentation. A careful screening process will access applicant suitability and willingness to adhere to the rules and obligations of neighborhood living.

As in many communities, certain rules of conduct are in place to assure a safe and healthy living environment for all. Some regulations will include that yards be kept tidy and occupancy limits obeyed. Any overnight guests must be registered with the office. Illegal drug possession and use is strictly prohibited. Alcohol can only be consumed inside a home and unruly behavior, public drunkenness or other criminal behavior will be reported to the police.

Residents will rent a fully furnished home for $400 per month, which includes utilities and trash removal. Internet and cable will be provided for an additional fee. No deposits will be required, but monthly rent payments are due in advance of occupancy.

The homes are ideal for one person but can accommodate a couple as well. For adult couples who wish to live together, they must be an established couple who both qualify separately to live in Elevate Community, in order to occupy a single tiny home together.

Yes. With management approval, residents may have one small pet. There is an additional pet charge and leashes are required when outside of the tiny home.

Residents can live here as long as they follow the rules and meet annual income qualification guidelines. All applicants for residency execute a lease contract for their tiny home which may vary from six months to a year. Annual income verification will be required.

The resident application process is conducted by professionals using an established,state-wide system with extensive databases to assure reliability. Valid social security cards and/or similar government-issued identification or fingerprint documentation will be utilized for extensive background checks.

Applicants will undergo a complete background check which includes credit, eviction and criminal history. No one who has committed a crime against a person (murder/manslaughter, kidnapping, child molestation, rape, crimes of a sexual nature or arson), has any requirement for sex offender registration, or has a pattern of behavior which may interfere with the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by others will be allowed to live at Elevate Community.

All applicants must have been a verifiable Taney County resident for at least one year.


For more information, or to become a sponsor, contact Bryan Stallings at 417.294.1300 or BryanStallings@ElevateBranson.org