By becoming an Elevate Branson Branding Partner, your organization can implement Elevate programs and services under the Elevate Branson brand in your very own community. We’ve laid the groundwork, so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and your neighbors will be able to gain access to the resources they need efficiently and effectively.


No one knows your community like you do, and helping you bring an Elevate to your community in a way that best suits your community’s needs is our ultimate goal.


Interested in becoming a brand partner? Complete our pre-assessment below!


Branding partners are pre-established 501c3, Christ-Centered organizations looking to implement Elevate Branson programming and adopt the Elevate Branson mission, vision, philosophy, and core values to best serve their neighbors in their own communities.
At the completion of the pre-assessment, Elevate Branson staff will reach out to the applicant. Through an additional readiness assessment, letters of recommendation, and on-going conversation, both parties will determine if the Elevate Branson brand is the right fit for the applicant. Either parties can terminate the branding licensure on-boarding process at any time.
No – all Elevate Branson programs are available for branding partners to adopt, but not all programs may fit the need or be necessary to implement in the applicant’s community. The applicant can decide which programs are appropriate for their organization to implement based on the most prevalent needs in their community.
Branding partners will employ their own staff members and recruit their own volunteers to sustain programming and operations. Elevate Branson staff will be available for consultation and support when needed.