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Troy and Melissa
Troy and Melissa are graduates of both our Elevate Work and our Elevate Entrepreneurs program. Their story is a testament to how people can find healing and increase their quality of life through...
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Marquis is an Elevate Work graduate, and likely a familiar face if you’ve stopped by for a pizza or salad at Neighbors Hub during the week. Watch his story of continued transformation below....
Meet Jennifer, Intake Supervisor at Standing By The Door Ministries. Jennifer completed the Elevate Work program in March of this year, and has used the skills she gained at Elevate Work to further...
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Misty is an Elevate Work graduate who committed herself to the class in order to increase her potential and explore her employment options. Watch her story below.
Louis came to Branson for the same reason as countless others – looking for job opportunities. But also, like many of our neighbors, Louis had lost his identification documents needed to secure...
Our Neighbor Abraham
After a year of back and forth communication and confusing logistics, our Elevate Connections staff were able to help our friend and neighbor Abraham receive his passport and other important...
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MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, DAVID “Three weeks ago I walked all the way to Elevate Branson from the Taney County jail. I was homeless and lost everything while I was locked up. I didn’t have a phone,...
MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, MARCUS “My name is Marcus, and I’ve struggled with addiction since 2005. I woke up recently and realized that living in addiction isn’t the kind of life I want for myself....
MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, REGINA “It’s been a tough adjustment for me recently but I’m not one to give up when life knocks me down. Experiencing homelessness has, in a way, made me much more grateful...
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MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, CHRISTINA Christina has made incredible strides since crossing paths with us in 2020. Check out Christina’s story below.