Most people don’t realize how tough it can be to open a bank account, cash a check or apply for a job without any form of identification — until they don’t have any form of identification. Elevate Connections helps people like Lloyd reobtain lost or stolen I.D.s or get one for the first time. Now Lloyd can access his cash, deposit his stimulus checks, and pay for essentials he’s needed for the last 18 months. Lloyd takes pride in his I.D. and how it can help him have the independence he wants and needs to pursue future endeavors. Way to go Lloyd!

Gabby visited Elevate Branson recently, with a group of high school students taking a tour and learning more about our programs and services. She participates in GoCaps — the Greater Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies – part of a nationally recognized, innovative high school program that allows students to fast forward into their future by becoming fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real world problems and using industry standard tools. The students’ personalized learning experiences educate the workforce of tomorrow, all while receiving high school and….Read More

“Everybody calls me ‘Pops’ which is short for ‘Papa Smurf’ and that’s cause of the way I look.” Pops describes himself as “angry with a chip on my shoulder” even when he was young. When the unthinkable happened, his understandable response caused more harm than good. “I lost my son. And then I lost my wife of 30 years to cancer. I went downhill, crawled into a whiskey bottle. I just lost everything,” Pops said. The church at Elevate Branson became a refuge for him. God took his anger away and gave him an all new perspective. ….Read More

Having a good start in life is important, but many don’t get that chance. Jennifer was one of five kids of an alcoholic father and abusive mother. At just 19, her first child was born with spina bifida. After two abusive husbands she describes herself as being “at the end of my rope” and “feeling like a burden.” She thought about ending her life, believing that even her kids would be better off if she wasn’t around. Then she learned about Elevate Branson’s workforce development….Read More