To elevate our community by empowering our neighbors to reach their full potential.


For every individual to know hope, dignity, and purpose through the love of Jesus.


  1. We serve the poor, the forgotten and those who have no voice.
    We believe that by serving others we can experience God’s love in a life transforming way. We move toward those that others move away from, inviting them into community with us.
  2. We inspire people to be authentic, transparent, and non-judgmental.
    We believe we need to be authentic and real to find true hope and healing. We strive to listen intently and share our struggles with one another while gently speaking truth with love.
  3. We empower people to take meaningful next steps.
    We believe people have the power to make better choices when given the right tools. We believe by not enabling, we restore people’s dignity to make meaningful decisions.
  4. We create an amazing sense of community.
    We believe in doing life together, where everyone belongs. We create environments where people are treated with dignity, feel safe, accepted and valued in a non-judgmental way.
  5. We move people to embrace the journey of life change.
    We believe that life change doesn’t happen overnight. We intentionally plant seeds knowing that we may never see the final result.
  6. We help people find their purpose.
    We believe everyone can discover their God inspired purpose through opportunities to serve, connect with others and experience Jesus at their own pace.


We disempower people when we do for them what they have the ability to do for themselves.

Over the years, we’ve found handouts actually don’t help people overcome poverty in the long run. In fact, services and resources that are provided for free often cripple, enable, and communicate inferiority to those being served, all while creating a cycle of dependency that ultimately keeps people from reaching their full potential.


“Give once and you elicit appreciation;
Give twice and you create anticipation;
Give three times and you create expectation;
Give four times and it becomes entitlement;
Give five times and you establish dependency.”
Robert Lupton, Toxic Charity


Where there is no equal exchange, there is no dignity. We believe everyone has potential, and something valuable to offer – and we value our neighbors’ gifts, time, and relationships with us in the same way we value everyone else’s. Our vision is to restore hope, dignity and purpose to our neighbors, and this doesn’t happen effectively when we give of our services and resources without requiring some form of commitment from our neighbors in return. It’s not unloving to ask our neighbors to take part in the journey towards achieving their own goals. It can be, however, unloving to wrongly assume they have nothing of value to offer us.


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