Don’t Be A Turkey This Thanksgiving

Don’t Be A Turkey This Thanksgiving! Donate or Volunteer for the 6th Annual “Love Your Neighbors” Thanksgiving Day Dinner November 28th, 2013

There is still time to volunteer for this year’s “Love Your Neighbor’s” Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  Just click the link above to get registered.  But wait!…You don’t have to stop after the holidays.  We have a HUGE need for volunteers to help with things like van maintenance, picking up food in Springfield, running our kitchen on Tuesday nights, helping with kids in our Tuesday and Sunday Kids Qwest program, becoming a Mentor/Champion in Jobs for Life, running sound and video on Tuesday or Sunday, driving a van and picking up our guests, and the list goes on and on.  So if you want to continue to serve please, please let us know how we can use you.


For more information visit or call 417.335.9915.

Donations Needed

We need the following items for our free thrift store:


Coats, Hats, Gloves, Blankets, New Socks,

Toilet Paper, Deodorant, Razors, Shaving Cream,

Shampoo, Tooth Paste & Tooth Brushes

(No clothing please)


You can drop items off at:

 The CenturyLink store – 2001 Hwy 248

 Comet Cleaners – 800 Hwy 248

Brokate Janitorial – 2005 W Hwy 76

Jesus Was Homeless – 2005 W Hwy 76

Become a Food Sponsor
Help us feed the over 800 guests a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner!

Turkey – Famous Dave’s BBQ

Stuffing – McFarlain’s Restaurant

Mashed Potato & Gravy – (Still Available)

Green Beans – (Still Available)

Corn – (Still Available)

Cranberry Sauce – (Still Available)

Dinner Rolls – (Still Available)

Pumpkin Pies – (Still Available)

Whipped Cream – (Still Available)

Coffee & Tea – (Still Available)

Can’t be here this Thanksgiving?
Can’t make it this year but still want to help?  As you can imagine it is quite an undertaking and one of our largest expenses of the year to provide a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner for over 800 people.  Your donation will help us with those expenses.

Did You Know….?

Your business can be a part of Jobs for Life by being a “Guaranteed Interview” site.  This way Jobs for Life graduates will come to your business first when seeking posted employment positions.  You will know that each JfL graduate applicant has been trained in areas like:


– Understanding my life journey & value as an employee

– Overcoming roadblocks to success

– Perseverance, positive attitude and conflict resolution

– Succeeding through adversity

– Integrity in the workplace

– Effective communication skills and customer satisfaction

– Developing a vocational plan and a stellar resume

– Managing employer expectations

– Being responsible for my actions


By partnering with us your business will gain access to potential employees who have been:


Screened:  Each student has participated in the 16 session JfL course and has been observed and evaluated by the course leaders during that timeframe.


Qualified:  In order to graduate from a JfL class, students must fulfill all requirements to demonstrate they are ready for work.  Therefore, businesses can be assured that a JfL graduate has proven that he or she has the character and values necessary to be a quality employee.


Supported:  JfL graduates receive ongoing support and encouragement from their JfL champions to help them overcome any barriers impeding their progress. Employers that hire JfL graduates can access this support system as needed to ensure the new employee’s success and help the company to focus its energy and resources on what it does best, running its business.


By donating to Jesus Was Homeless you will be investing not only in your own community but your own business by having Jobs for Life training your future managers and leaders.  So join these other companies today!  For more information contact Ashley Lauer at 417.337.8103 or email [email protected].