Elisabeth graduated from the Elevate Work program in March, and not only walked of stage with a certificate of completion, but with a renewed sense of self-confidence. In 2020, Elisabeth’s life was impacted by a severe injury that left her in a coma for nearly six months. Prior to the accident, Elisabeth often sang in public places among family and friends, but hadn’t sung in front of a crowd since surviving her injury less that two short years before. On March 16th, the night of graduation, Elisabeth joined her Elevate Work mentor on stage and led an auditorium full of supporters in a song of worship. For the first time in over two years, Elisabeth showcased her incredible talent to an entire audience – a reality she was never guaranteed to experience again due to the injuries she sustained. The life change Elisabeth experienced in just nine short weeks during Elevate Work, symbolized through her courage to sing on stage the night of graduation, is just one example of the impact that taking the “next right step” can have on our neighbors. We’re continuing to cheer Elisabeth on as she strides confident down the path toward reaching her full potential, each and every day.