Meet Our Neighbor, Tonya

“Before I came to Elevate Work, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would help me. After a few classes, I began to see my strengths bloom into something wonderful, and began to trust and see that God had an awesome plan for me. Before graduating, I was asked by the CEO of The Simmering Center to help open a thrift store that benefits recovering addicts. Today I am the Lead Manager at that store. I feel like I’ve come out of my shell and have found the confidence I have today with the help of the Elevate Work class. The friends I’ve made after the class and the relationship I have with my mentor to this day makes it all worth it.”


We are proud of Tonya and the strides she’s made since graduating from Elevate Work. Tonya has maintained sobriety for 10 months, found meaningful employment, and gained a whole community of friends who are cheering her on every step of the way.