Changed Lives

As we get ready to enter our 5th year of delivering/serving meals to those that our hurting, hungry and homeless in our community I can’t help but to stop and think about all the lives that have been affected and changed. It is really quite humbling to think a simple sack lunch “Happy Meal” can offer so much hope, love and compassion to someone in need. It’s even more humbling to think God can use someone like me, a broken, messy individual with lots of junk that works at the phone company to shine His light thru, that God can bring hundreds of volunteers throughout this year to help serve and deliver the over 40,000 meals to only 20 of 35 weekly & extended stay motels.


God literally saved lives with our “Happy Meals” this year, by getting people into detox and recovery programs, emergency medical assistance from “being there” at the right time with the meals, and the applesauce in a meal prevented a diabetic coma. Now God has begun to save souls through our LIFE SUPPORT Discussion Group, where people can come get a hot meal, process the things they are struggling with, listen for solutions and ask questions about their life journey. Through our Gateway Branson Internet Campus “church for people who don’t like church” He is letting people hear His word in a safe, non-judgmental place of worship where people can begin to explore Him. Through our monthly service projects He is changing hearts and letting those who were served become the servants back to our community and through our Soul Rev Groups where people learn to connect with God on an hour by hour basis, where relationships can be authentic and transparent, where people can come alongside one another with love and compassion.


As we head into 2013 I know God is up to something “BIG” for our community. Your tax deductible financial donations, your volunteer time, and your prayers are what have made a difference in so many lives thus far. Watch the video below to see just a glimpse of the fruit of your investment. I invite you to continue to be a part of this journey by investing in our community with us and “changing lives one meal at a time”!

Changed Lives

Tax Deductible Giving

Your financial gift literally changes lives by offering hope to so many.  We have learned that without hope, people will turn to alcohol and drugs, crime, immorality and selfishness to try to numb the pain of hopelessness.  We are a designated 501c3 as recognized by the IRS.  There are many ways to give. 
Mail a donation to: 
Jesus Was Homeless
176 Summerbrooke Lane
Branson, MO  65616
Online with a PayPal account or Debit/Credit Card.

Thanksgiving 2012

The 5th Annual Jesus Was Homeless “Love Your Neighbors” Thanksgiving Day Dinner was a HUGE success. Over 500 volunteers from the community helped make a Thanksgiving Day for those hungry, hurting, homeless or lonely special with great service, smiles, hugs and love. The thrift store filled hundreds of bags with Items to keep people warm and clean. The kitchen made sure there was plenty of food for take home boxes. Over 850 people were served in all. Thank you to those that volunteered and especially thank you to those that just loved on people and provided an ear for conversation. As a reminder, don’t make volunteering a once a year thing. Make it a habit and volunteer with us the other 51 weeks.

2012 Jesus Was Homeless “Love Your Neighbors” Thanksgiving Day Dinner

“I was helping a precious lady named Opal find gloves, scarfs, coats and blankets for her and her children. She was so thankful. It was such a blessing to get to help so many on Thanksgiving and to see their smiles.” – Christi


“Know what? I am not religious but this is what Christianity should be about. Not building churches with huge basketball courts and the bigger the church the better. It should be about helping those that really need it and give them hope. Take that hope and help them lift themselves out of the circumstance they’re in. Kudos!” – Sheyrie

Delivering Meals in Branson Video

30 Second Delivery

Jesus Was Homeless 2011