Applesauce Saves Life

How much is a life worth?  Is it worth $1.25 a week?  To one person it is.  About 2 weeks ago we were delivering our weekly “Happy Meals” to one of the extended stay motels and a person came up to us crying and telling us how thankful she was for the meals our volunteers deliver each week.  She went on to say that she doesn’t normally eat the applesauce cups that we include with our meals and had placed a couple of them next to her bed to give to someone else later.  What she went on to tell us next is nothing short of a miracle, apparently she has diabetes and had let her blood sugar get so low that she was dangerously close to slipping into a Homeless Mandiabetic coma and she could not even get out of bed to give herself an insulin shot. She went on to say that the only thing she had within reach that could possibly help her were those  applesauce fruit cups.  After eating the applesauce her blood sugar level came up enough for her to get out of bed and take her insulin. She went on to profess that the applesauce, or the meal it was included in, saved her from slipping into that diabetic coma and possibly her life.  As the need increases, our food costs have increased yet we are continuing to stream line our processes to meet or exceed that need, but we can only do it with your help.  So I will ask you again, what is a life worth to you? 

What's a life worth?

Our well-rounded Happy Meals cost us $1.25 each.  We deliver close to 600 of those meals each week to those living in weekly and extended stay motels.  Some haven’t eaten in days, others need the nutrition, and others, like the story above, claim the meals, the contact with people that care and/or the resource information sheet, have saved their life.  We have over 1000 fans on our Facebook page, 2500 on our email list and several hundred more on our mailing list.  Could you imagine how we could “turn our community upside down” if everyone would just give $1.25 per week?  It would be incredible!  For only $65 a year we could increase our food distribution, offer soft skills job training, and bring more people to discipleship and a relationship with a loving God.  We have always felt that if everyone would just do a little the few would not have to do a lot.


We’ve made it easy to give and we are always open to suggestions on how to make it easier.  You can donate on-line, by mail, and now by calling Amy at 417-335-0266 if you need a monthly reminder or would like to donate by phone.  We will help you however we can to make it quick and easy to give that $1.25 each week.  For more information contact [email protected]