Over 30,000 Meals Served So Far

So far in 2012, January thru September we have delivered or served more than 30,000 meals. That’s 15% more than the entire year last year and we still have 3 months to go. The need has so greatly increased this year it’s terribly heart wrenching. We are seeing so many families and children desperately in need. We serve between 200-300 children each week and we only touch about half of the weekly and extended stay motels in the Branson and Hollister area. Here’s what one volunteer experienced at LIFE SUPPORT Discussion Group with one of the children:


“I was helping with the kids during Life Support when a little boy in the 6th grade saw a box of donated items. He started going thru the box and found this brightly colored blue pair of shoes. He immediately asked if he could have them. I told him I doubted they fit him but he could try them on. I noticed each one his shoes were all blown out on the front when he took them off. He said they fit pretty good so how could I refuse to give him the shoes after seeing his? It breaks my heart that the children are having to live like this but I am so grateful I get to volunteer and help them.” – Ashley


Lives are being touched and transformed each week. Maybe it’s just a bag of food, maybe it’s a pair of bright blue shoes, or maybe it’s someone experiencing God in a whole new way, like these stories:


“I invited a friend to come to Gateway Branson today I wanted to forward you his message…That was totally awesome thanks for the invite.  I got out of the truck and a homeless guy shook my hand and said “I love you brothers thanks for coming”.  That made my day! I like it there. I’m serious that was the coolest and I’ll be back.
– Anonymous


“I received a book written by John Burke @ a gathering tonight. I felt silly asking for the watch not really understanding the concept that was briefly introduced. I was unable to put the book down so I read it straight through.This is a book I will reread and dissect. One of the biggest issues I have had with “God” has been exposed to me. The issue was simple; What do I do when I am not feeling connected. I realize I have created God in my image and I was reminded by the reading that I am not God. I would like to try the experiment. It appeals to my scientific as well as my spiritual approach to understanding the unknown. I look forward to attending the women’s group to hear other peoples thoughts and experiences. It really floored me to read about Laubach’s journal. I have been telling myself all week that I must be getting ready to leave this plain because I can’t feel. I have been so scared for my children. This book seemed to break the spell instantaneously. Thank God because I had never had to deal with that feeling and it sure was burdensome. Thank you for sharing this information. – T.”


For someone to have real life change it takes an investment of time to build a relationship. As you can imagine Amy & I can’t invest in all the people that receive the over 800 meals each week by ourselves. We need you to help come alongside people. With your help we CAN “turn our community upside down”!


Here’s what a typical 3 hours of delivery looks like in 30 seconds:

30 Second Meal Delivery

Bryan & Amy Stallings

Jesus Was Homeless

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37 He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. 38 So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” – Matthew 9:37-38