Solving Poverty One Case At a Time

Poverty and homelessness – how do we fix it? It seems like an overwhelming project with no real solution.

The truth is there are many factors that play into poverty and homelessness. What affects one person, might not be the same issue for another, which is why you have to take a case by case approach. Sit down with individuals, learn what obstacles they’re facing, find the patterns and develop solutions.

The first step in any case is moving individuals into affordable, stable housing. No one can function properly or maintain a job if they don’t have a secure environment to live in. While Branson does have some affordable housing units, there are not nearly enough to cover the thousands of people and families currently living in extended stay motels. This is a huge need for our area and the first step towards solving homelessness in Branson.

So what are some of the other obstacles that people in our area face?

  • Access to Mental & Physical Health Care
  • Maintaining a Stable Job & Steady Income
  • Reliable Transportation

Now that we’ve identified some of the main obstacles, how do you begin addressing them? It seems daunting, but don’t worry, our Community Connections program makes it simple.

See, Jesus Was Homeless has been working with those in poverty for over 10 years. We understand the issues and we’ve already identified solutions, implementing numerous programs and partnering with other organizations to help our neighbors overcome the obstacles keeping them in poverty.

Whether it’s Jobs for Life, Professional Counseling, Direct Connect Telemedicine, W.I.C., Haircuts, Connection Ride Services, or our JWH Thrift Store Rewards Program, we can help them take those important next steps towards a stable future.

By using Community Connections, we do the work for you, assessing each client on an individual basis, determining their needs, and setting them up with the program(s) that can best help them overcome their obstacles and break free from the cycle of poverty.

It’s the one source that connects individuals to all their needs in the Branson area.

You can call 417-239-7818 to schedule an appointment today!

Solving poverty and homelessness isn’t going to be a quick fix. It will take time, money, and a lot of effort; but most importantly, it will take all of us working together. Help our community by allowing us to help you and using Community Connections.

Click Here to download a PDF with a complete list of our programs and descriptions.