Battling Food Insecurity In The Ozarks
You’ve probably heard the term “food insecurity” and maybe thought that it’s a new way of saying “hunger”...
Our Glass Is Half Full
People make fun of “cockeyed optimists” and rose-colored glasses are not always in style, but I know...
Designed For Community
Have you ever gone for an extended period of time without talking to anyone? I mean no face-to-face conversations,...
Solving Poverty One Case At a Time
Poverty and homelessness – how do we fix it? It seems like an overwhelming project with no real solution....
Feeling Lonely? You’re Not Alone
In a time where we have more ways to communicate and connect than ever before, we are also lonelier than...
Break The Cycle – Help Our Children In Poverty
Our children are our future. Our children are our future. Our children are our future. Let me say it...
Reaching The Unchurched
Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and many who don’t normally go to church will be attending services....
Jobs For Life: Invest In Your Employees – Invest In Your Business
The Branson economy can be tricky. We are a tourism driven town with seasons where the market thrives...
Looking Back & Looking Forward
2018 was an amazing year for Jesus Was Homeless, and Gateway Branson Church.  We saw so much growth,...
Branson Hibernation Season
The holidays are over, cold weather is setting in, and the Branson economy has essentially gone into...
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