Behind The Billboards

When people think of Branson, they often think of the multiple attractions it has to offer. The theatres and shows, retail stores, theme parks, lake activities, and family friendly atmosphere. Billboards line the highways, proclaiming good times and fun for all who come here! But, that’s not the whole story is it? What about the […]

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The Faces of Poverty

When you think of people living in poverty, who is it you see? Is it the homeless man living under the bridge? Maybe the person sitting at the stoplight every day with a sign asking for help? The truth is poverty wears many faces and not always the ones we imagine. Friends, family, coworkers…. These

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It Starts With: Why?

Why do you do what you do? Why did you choose the career that you’re in? Was it the money? Convenience? Necessity? Or is it something that you’re genuinely passionate about? From the time we’re children, we are told that we can be anything we want to be. And with the mind of a child

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War…What is it good for?

I’ve recently been watching the Vietnam War documentary by Ken Burns on Netflix. My knowledge of the Vietnam War is limited to what I have learned in school and through movies. I have found this documentary to not only be very informative on why the war started, but I’ve also been fascinated with the similarities

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Life Change

What is Bryan passionate about? Life Change. That’s why our mission at Jesus Was Homeless is “To Transform Lives Into A New Way Of Living”. I love to see God transform people, really transform them. It’s such an honor and a privilege to be a part of that. When I was younger, I longed for

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Workforce Development

We talk a lot about local workforce development at Jesus Was Homeless – and with good reason! Because the path out of poverty starts with getting a good, full-time job. While we know the toll poverty takes on the individual, have you ever stopped to consider the price it takes on the local Branson area

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10 Years of JWH

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing in 2018, I probably would have said I’d be working for corporate America and not living in Branson, Missouri. It’s a good thing God doesn’t reveal the future to us. Not only would I have doubted the life I now lead, I

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Helping Folks Access Healthcare

You may not know it, but people living in poverty face many challenges to accessing healthcare services. And many times, the healthcare industry doesn’t understand those challenges, either. Many of the people we serve don’t trust someone with whom they don’t have a relationship with. They especially distrust an institution or anything that appears to

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