Our Glass Is Half Full

People make fun of “cockeyed optimists” and rose-colored glasses are not always in style, but I know there will be much good that comes from the challenges we now face. In the last 30 days alone, we have already learned what is truly essential and what is not, as well as how individual actions can

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Designed For Community

Have you ever gone for an extended period of time without talking to anyone? I mean no face-to-face conversations, no phone calls, no texts, nothing; you just take a break from any human interaction. At first, it’s kind of nice. You start to unwind, relax, and just let yourself breathe. You get comfortable, confident even,

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Reaching The Unchurched

Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and many who don’t normally go to church will be attending services. These are the unchurched, those who haven’t grown up learning about Jesus and who often feel uncomfortable in a church setting because they don’t understand what the pastor is talking about. So how do you plan on reaching

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Branson Hibernation Season

The holidays are over, cold weather is setting in, and the Branson economy has essentially gone into hibernation. Every year, there comes a time when the tourists leave our happy, family friendly, fun-filled town and head back to their respective cities, leaving a ghost town in their wake. So what happens to those that remain?

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