Troy and Melissa

Troy and Melissa are graduates of both our Elevate Work and our Elevate Entrepreneurs program. Their story is a testament to how people can find healing and increase their quality of life through gaining access to a supportive community. Watch their story below.


Marquis is an Elevate Work graduate, and likely a familiar face if you’ve stopped by for a pizza or salad at Neighbors Hub during the week. Watch his story of continued transformation below.


Meet Jennifer, Intake Supervisor at Standing By The Door Ministries. Jennifer completed the Elevate Work program in March of this year, and has used the skills she gained at Elevate Work to further her success in the workplace. Jennifer is currently working at a program that has served her in the past, and she carries the message to those she works with that “there is hope and a solution!” Jennifer also benefited from our Computer Literacy course, where she learned how to utilize Excel and all of its functions to help accomplish her work more efficiently. Jennifer is one of many Elevate Work graduates excelling in the workforce, and we’re excited to see the stories of progress – just like Jennifer’s – that come from our currently enrolled students post-graduation.


Misty is an Elevate Work graduate who committed herself to the class in order to increase her potential and explore her employment options. Watch her story below.


Louis came to Branson for the same reason as countless others – looking for job opportunities. But also, like many of our neighbors, Louis had lost his identification documents needed to secure employment. Louis ended up jobless, homeless, and without support – until a friend recommended he visit Elevate Branson for assistance. Louis was able to work for Rewards to earn the things he needed, such as clothing and food items. After two months, Elevate Connections was able to help Louis obtain his ID and other documents needed in order to find employment. Shortly after, Louis was able to find not only one, but two jobs, and has since also been able to secure housing. Louis is officially off the streets and working jobs he enjoys. We’re proud of Louis and his perseverance, determination, and resiliency as he worked to overcome the barriers keeping him from accessing the things he needed to increase his qualify of life.


After a year of back and forth communication and confusing logistics, our Elevate Connections staff were able to help our friend and neighbor Abraham receive his passport and other important identification documents so that he can finally travel back home to Jamaica to be with his mother while she’s sick. Abraham’s belongings were stolen a while back, leaving him without the documentation he needed to reach his potential in our community – not to mention leaving him without the ability to go home. Can you imagine being stuck, with no direction or understanding of how to navigate the confusing maze of paperwork, documentation, phone calls and other logistics needed to secure your own identification certificates? Unfortunately, this is relatively common for individuals in our community. Thanks to our Elevate Connections team and Abraham’s patience and determination, Abraham can take next steps and finally be reunited with his mother in his home country.