Elevate Community Timeline

We all want to know “why haven’t the tiny homes been built yet?” There are a lot of moving pieces to a project this size, which means there can be obstacles, challenges and roadblocks to overcome. Rest assured, things are still moving forward.

December 2020

Awarded a $1 million dollar grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines (FHLBDM) for the construction of 24 tiny homes.

May 2021

Awarded a $1.9 million dollar grant from the state of Missouri and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for the infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Roads, etc.).

June – November 2021

As part of the grant process, we had to have an environmental review which resulted in an endangered bat finding causing us to remove trees that the endangered bats could potentially roost in. The Osage Indian Tribe also requested a cultural review which is essentially an artifact dig and report on the findings.

February 2022

Because of the nature of the CDBG grant all procurement including an engineer has to go through the City of Branson process. There was a significant delay in the selection of the engineering firm, up to 9 months, due to city elections and turn-over of city staff.

March – July 2022

Engineering discovered Elevate Branson needed to cross the adjacent property to the east for a gravity fed sewer. This would significantly reduce expenses versus putting in a lift station sewer. The owners of the property were not willing to grant an easement but were willing to sell Elevate Bransonthe adjacent 10-acre parcel.

August 2022

Engineering resumed after the purchase of the adjacent property was completed.

November 2022

We then experienced a 45-day engineering delay due to new City of Branson Planning & Zoning staff needing the City of Branson attorney to review the plans to make sure everything was in code compliance.

March 2023

Awarded $1million dollar American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) Grant for the construction of 18 additional house.

April 2023

Due to acquiring the adjacent 10-acre parcel, an environmental review addendum was required by CDBG.

May 2023

Completed engineering plans for the public portion of CDBG funding area and submitted to the City of Branson.

June 2023

Public plans were approved by City of Branson and Submitted to CDBG for approval.

July 2023

Environmental review addendum 98% completed but needing the Corps of Engineers approval because of a water way located on the 10-acre parcel.

August 2023

Received approval from Corps of Engineers.

September 2023

Mayor signs amended environmental review resolution. Project approved by CDBG to go out for bid. Received request from Osage Indian Tribe for an additional cultural review and artifact dig for the 10-acre parcel. Bid put on hold.

October 2023

Cultural review and artifact dig goes out for bid. Private infrastructure plans are now completed.

November 2023

Cultural review and artifact dig vendor is selected.

December 2023

CDBG approves the vendor for the cultural review and artifact dig.

January 2024

Results from Cultural Review and Artifact Dig are received.

February 2024

CDBG approves the Cultural Review report. The Osage Indian Tribe has 30-days to review and comment on the cultural review results.

March 2024

CDBG has given authorization to go out for bid.  Project to go out for bid.

Assuming there is a bidder, the contract has to be written and approved by the Board of Aldermen. The contractor has to mobilize and schedule equipment for the construction. Construction is estimated to take 4-6 months. We can then begin to set houses. Then we celebrate!