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It’s not too late to donate to Jesus Was Homeless for the 2013 tax year.  If you have or are part of a business, take advantage of the 70% tax credits still available.  


Your donation not only helps feed many in our own community who are homeless, hungry and hurting but also helps to give them a hand-up. The Christmas season can be a desperate time for many families that are struggling to stay afloat.  Please help us to help others through your generosity and create more great stories like Chris in the video above.


Because of you, we are helping to transform lives into a new way of living, one meal at a time!


Bryan & Amy Stallings

What are 70% Income Tax Credits?

If your business pays quarterly or annual Missouri income tax, then you are eligble to make a donation to Jesus Was Homeless and receive 70% Missouri Income tax credits.

How do they work?

For example, make a $10,000 donation to Jesus Was Homeless and receive your normal tax credit for donating to a not-for-profit PLUS receive an additional $7000 (70%) to be applied to your Missouri income tax amount owed. And best of all you can carry the tax credit over for an additional 5 years.



$10,000 Donation     Normal Tax Deduction

$  7,000 Tax Credit   Applied to Amount Owed $5000


$ 2,000 Tax Credit   Can be applied over next 5 years

Who can receive tax credits?

An Individual:

              with income from a farm operation

              with income from royalties or rental property

              with income from a sole proprietorship,

              s-corporation, partnership or LLC


A Business that is a:




                Limited Liability Corporation

                Financial Institution

                Insurance Company

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