Jobs for Life is Growing

When we launched the Jobs for Life program in May of 2013, we had no idea the profound life changing impact it would have on both the students and the Champions (mentors).  We have now completed 9 classes and are beginning to see a significant impact on our community.

Jobs for Life Students – 84

Jobs for Life Grads – 48

Jobs for Life Grads still living in the area – 38

Jobs for Life Grads currently employed – 25

Jobs for Life Grads that have moved 

from a motel to apartment – 10

These graduate students have now become employees, taxpayers, and customers in our community.  

Jobs for Life is growing! We just launched a second Jobs for Life opportunity in Stone County.  Click here to read the press release.
For more information on how you can become a Corporate Business Sponsor, Donor, Champion or Mentor please contact Ashley Lauer at [email protected].
Help us change the world and transform lives into a new way of living!
Like to Play Golf?  Play for a Jobs for Life student!

You can have fun and help a Jobs for Life student by playing in the BLALA Golf Tournament, Friday, September 19th 2014.

Download Entry Form here 

Nominate Small Business and Charity of the Year!

Each year, the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce highlights one local small business and one non-profit organization at the Small Business and Charity of the Year Awards Dinner based on nominations from Chamber members.  Please take the time to nominate a Small Business that is giving back in our community and a charity that is making a difference.


There are many local businesses that fully support Jesus Was Homeless and we are so grateful for them. Without their support we would  not be able to help as many people that we do.  These 2 local businesses have been with us from the the very beginning.  


Sir Speedy has helped provide the printing that goes into every sack lunch meal bag, which is over 185,000 now, that have been delivered to those living in weekly motels and the homeless. 


Imagemakers has helped create our website, design our promotional material and keep our mission within brand. 


Download nominations forms here.  Deadline is Monday, August 25th.