In 2008, Bryan and Amy Stallings hosted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the Branson area’s houseless, hurting and hopeless. Understanding that the community’s lack of resources seeped farther than what a simple Thanksgiving meal could provide, Bryan and Amy launched Elevate Branson full time, and since then, Elevate Branson has steadily expanded the scope of its programs, services, and impact on the community.


Elevate Branson works to empower our neighbors to reach their full potential through weekly outreach, workforce development training, affordable healthcare, sustainable housing, and fellowship opportunities to bring a sense of belonging to the marginalized in our community.


Elevate Branson transforms lives and restores faith. Program participants, volunteers, business partners, community leaders, and others alike converge together at Elevate Branson to serve, build relationships, find restoration, and discover purpose.


Elevate Branson is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing resources and services to the underserved in the Branson community. By providing next steps through outreach, workforce development, sustainable housing, kids programming, and more, we can empower our neighbors to reach their full potential.

Anyone in the Branson community looking to overcome barriers barring them from reaching their full potential. Elevate Branson provides a variety of programs for the community at large, ranging from workforce development training and childcare programs for individuals, to managerial training and employee assessments for local businesses.

Elevate Branson provides a variety of programs and services including:

Elevate Work: Connects individuals with the tools and skills they need to discover their passions and improve their employment opportunities.

Elevate Connections
: Provides comprehensive information and a caring guide through what can be a confusing maze of paperwork for our neighbors. With connections to over 500 other area resources, Elevate Connections avoids the duplicity of services by connecting individuals directly with the services they need.

Elevate Community
: A tiny home village adjacent to the Elevate Branson campus that provides a clean, safe, affordable, and dignified living environment for our neighbors in our community.

Elevate Kids
: Meets needs for children living in or on the edge of poverty by providing necessities for their mind, body and spirit.

Elevate Outreach
: Sacks and delivers hundreds of basic meals to residents of extended stay motels weekly in the Branson community.

Elevate Health
: A collaborative network of service providers that offer information and services to our neighbors who do not have the means to seek healthcare for themselves and/or their families.

Elevate Thrift Store
: Offers a variety of items at an affordable price for our neighbors. All dollars generated through the Elevate Thrift Store directly fund Elevate Branson programs.

There are plenty of opportunities to give back to your community through Elevate Branson

Join the cause, and help us elevate our community!



To elevate our community by empowering our neighbors to reach their full potential.


For every individual to know hope, dignity, and purpose through the love of Jesus.


  1. We serve the poor, the forgotten and those who have no voice.
  2. We inspire people to be authentic, transparent, and non-judgmental.
  3. We empower people to take meaningful next steps.
  4. We create an amazing sense of community.
  5. We move people to embrace the journey of life change.
  6. We help people find their purpose.


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