Jennifer: A Place In This World

Having a good start in life is important, but many don’t get that chance. Jennifer was one of five kids of an alcoholic father and abusive mother. At just 19, her first child was born with spina bifida. After two abusive husbands she describes herself as being “at the end of my rope” and “feeling like a burden.” She thought about ending her life, believing that even her kids would be better off if she wasn’t around.

Then she learned about Elevate Branson’s workforce development training. “It was my first step to getting back up,” explains Jennifer. The biblically based learning, and especially her mentor throughout the course, convinced Jennifer that she mattered.

“Everybody’s job matters. Everybody’s job counts. And everybody has their place in this world,” declares Jennifer, who found her career thanks to Elevate Branson. As a home health care professional, Jennifer now serves her patients and her community. She’s also able to provide a stable home for her kids — something she never had as a child. Jennifer has found her place in this world and this world is a better place because she did.