Meet Sam

Sam – if you know him, you love him. His quirky personality, charisma, and sense of humor makes him a friend to all. Originally from Washington, Sam found himself in Branson after a whirlwind of a career in the film industry. Known for his work on visual effects for the 1984 film, GhostBusters, Sam’s reputation precedes him in the world of cinematography. Recently, Sam was celebrated at the Branson IMAX for his work on GhostBusters and gifted with the opportunity for him and ten of his friends to sit VIP in the showing of the most recent GhostBusters rendition, GhostBusters: Afterlife.

Sam became acquainted with Elevate Branson through the Elevate Work program, and just recently secured government funding for sustainable housing with the assistance of Elevate Connections. We’re proud of Sam and the strives he’s made to reach his full potential, but mostly, we just enjoy him and his company.