Misty enrolled herself in Elevate Work after over ten years of being out of the workforce due to being the primary care-taker for her parents. During the course, Misty shared with her mentor and our Elevate Work Director that she had difficulty with reading and memorization – something she had only initially admitted to very few people. Through Elevate Work, we were able to connect Misty with the Springfield Literacy Council where she was able to complete courses virtually prior to each Elevate Work class, and increase her reading comprehension levels significantly.

Misty’s goal was to land a job post-graduation, and with 20 years of banking experience on her resume, she was determined to reenter that career field eventually. However, Misty’s tenure gap was a barrier keeping her from pursuing it further. After connecting with one of our volunteers, Chris, who specializes in resume writing, Misty was encouraged to build a cover letter explaining her desire to get back into banking and the reason for her extended period without employment. With access to the proper resources, education, and connections, Misty was able to apply for and receive a job at our local Great Southern Bank, where she is thriving today. We celebrate Misty for her courage and her determination to achieve her hopes and ambitions!