Meet Our Neighbors


MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, CHRISTINA Christina has made incredible strides since crossing paths with us in 2020. Check out Christina’s story below.


MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, MISTY Misty enrolled herself in Elevate Work after over ten years of being out of the workforce due to being the primary care-taker for her parents. During the course, Misty shared with her mentor and our Elevate Work Director that she had difficulty with reading and memorization – something she had only …

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MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, CHRIS “I just got out of jail. All I had was the clothes on my back and a dream. I showed up to Elevate Branson and was met by an incredible woman named Kristol. Shortly after, I started working at Elevate for rewards to get food and kept coming back every day. …

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MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, MARY After nearly three years of attempting to reobtain her lost birth certificate from California, Mary was finally able to receive it in the mail after working with Elevate Connections for the last several months. The process of receiving a birth certificate – especially from another state – is an often time-consuming, …

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MEET OUR NEIGHBOR, ELISABETH Elisabeth graduated from the Elevate Work program in March, and not only walked of stage with a certificate of completion, but with a renewed sense of self-confidence. In 2020, Elisabeth’s life was impacted by a severe injury that left her in a coma for nearly six months. Prior to the accident, …

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Carl recently wrote a letter to staff here at Elevate, and very eloquently detailed just how much Elevate Branson has encouraged him through the years of his involvement here in our programming.


“I moved to Branson from Michigan after I lost my husband, and everything else as a result. I spiraled downward pretty quickly, and have been without a home since then. I feel so thankful for Elevate and the help they’ve given me. I can work for food and for clothing, and they’ve helped me get back my


“Before I came to Elevate Work, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would help me. After a few classes, I began to see my strengths bloom into something wonderful, and


Hailing from Illinois originally, Mary migrated to the Branson area after losing her family to COVID in 2020. With a history of hardship, drugs and unforeseen life circumstances, Mary found it increasingly difficult to find hope for a better future.


Originally from Galena, Brandon moved to the Branson area in search of work. Hardship upon the move left Brandon houseless, living in the woods and utilizing miscellaneous items as tools for survival.