Meet Our Neighbors


“Before I came to Elevate Work, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would help me. After a few classes, I began to see my strengths bloom into something wonderful, and


Hailing from Illinois originally, Mary migrated to the Branson area after losing her family to COVID in 2020. With a history of hardship, drugs and unforeseen life circumstances, Mary found it increasingly difficult to find hope for a better future.


Originally from Galena, Brandon moved to the Branson area in search of work. Hardship upon the move left Brandon houseless, living in the woods and utilizing miscellaneous items as tools for survival.


Sam – if you know him, you love him. His quirky personality, charisma, and sense of humor makes him a friend to all. Originally from Washington, Sam found himself in Branson after a whirlwind of a career in the film industry.


Most people don’t realize how tough it can be to open a bank account, cash a check or apply for a job without any form of identification — until they don’t have any form of identification.


Having a good start in life is important, but many don’t get that chance. Jennifer was one of five kids of an alcoholic father and abusive mother. At just 19, her first child was born with spina bifida.


“Everybody calls me ‘Pops’ which is short for ‘Papa Smurf’ and that’s cause of the way I look.” Pops describes himself as “angry with a chip on my shoulder” even when he was young.


Gabby visited Elevate Branson recently, with a group of high school students taking a tour and learning more about our programs and services. She participates in GoCaps — the Greater Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies –