Helping Folks Access Healthcare

You may not know it, but people living in poverty face many challenges to accessing healthcare services. And many times, the healthcare industry doesn’t understand those challenges, either. Many of the people we serve don’t trust someone with whom they don’t have a relationship with. They especially distrust an institution or anything that appears to

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It All Comes Down to A Job

I’m going to tell you a secret: homelessness isn’t about not having a permanent place to live. It’s often about dealing with poverty. I am convinced that the only way out of poverty is through work. You want to truly address the problem of homelessness? Address the problem with jobs first. It’s trickier than you

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For those of us living in the Ozarks, we probably consider ourselves a neighborly people. Our communities are built around neighborhoods. And yet, there’s a skill set necessary for being a good neighbor. And unfortunately, too many people today have lost it. True, we do care about those who live near us. For instance, we’re

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NPR Article

As featured on NPR Caught In The Extended Stay Motel Trap This summer, millions of vacationers are expected to visit Branson, Mo., to see acts like singer Tony Orlando or the Oak Ridge Boys. It’s boom time for the tourist destination, but for many of the workers who keep the good times rolling, a severe

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Think you know what it’s like to serve as a volunteer? Think again! Volunteering with Jesus Was Homeless may look different than it does with other organizations. That’s because in most cases, our volunteers create a culture of family and relationships. Working together on a shared project fulfills the spirit of community we’re all looking

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CNN Article

As featured on CNN Why does America have so many hungry kids? (CNN) — It was a tender moment Elle Dingman will remember for a long time. Outside a small hotel in Branson, Missouri, in April, Dingman was volunteering with a local group that distributes free meals when a barefoot, barely dressed, 2-year-old boy walked up to

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